Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Miss Stavish knows that whilst we have not been in school we have all been missing our music lessons so she has created a log in for each of you so you can do some music lessons at home.


Each of you have a username which is the first 3 letters of your first name and the first three letters of your last name. For example if your name was Alex Smith your username would be alesmi
Everyone's password is set as password.

Below is a video of Miss Stavish logging in to show you how it will look.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Literacy week 3

This weeks literacy will be linked to science this week.

Day 1 Task:

To complete the reading comprehension about the moon. Answers can be written in your workbooks.


1. What is a rhetorical question ans why do you think the author choose to open the non-chronological report with a rhetorical question?

2. Find and copy the synonym for 'dry'

3. How long does a day last on the moon?

4. What does the word satellite mean? How many Satellites does earth have?

5. What does the word waxing mean?

6. How long did Niel Armstrong's colleagues stay in quarantine?

7. Explain using information from the text why the moon has different phases.

8. 'Only 12 people have ever walked on the moon!' Why do you think an exclamation mark was used at the end of this sentence?

9.Name one way in which the moon is similar to the earth and one way in which it is different

10. Why do you think so many people watched the moon landing?

11. Find and copy the word that means 'attached'

Day 2 Task:

There are many types of stars in our solar system. Research the types of stars and write a report on stars.
Consider: what types of stars are there? how are they different? what is the life cycle of a star? which star is the largest? what is the brightest star in the sky past, present and future? do stars move, if so how?
A great place to start is at https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/amnh/the-universe/stars/a/what-is-a-star

Day 3 Task:

Click on the links to watch the 2 videos about the moon.



Using the information from the videos, reading from this week and your prior knowledge, in your books we would like you to justify in detail using scientific vocabulary what is special about the moon and how our lives would be impacted if the moon was to disappear.

Maths Week 3

This weeks maths is all about angles.

Day 1


Create an information poster all about angles. Here are some examples of what your poster could look like

Day 2


 Day 3 Task
Day 4 Task

Day 5

Monday, March 30, 2020

Doncaster Stories

Hi all,
Doncaster Literacy Trust are organising some great competitions over the lockdown period.  I think this would be a great opportunity for your child to develop their creative writing skills and their love of reading.  
Here is a link to their facebook page - please take a look!

This week the creative writing challenge is set at The Frenchgate Centre!  I could see some amazing creativity from this!  Please encourage your child to take part.  It is such a great opportunity for them.

Happy Writing!
Mrs Clark xx

ICT Challenge

As we all know, Miss Stavish loves ICT and particularly coding and programming. Without coders and programmers we wouldn't be able to have this blog or any other form of technology for that matter. Whilst Miss Stavish is unable to teach you she has found you a great, fun course of coding to develop your skills whilst you are not in school.

This course is free to sign up and track your progress which is brilliant. This course can be done over time whilst school is closed. You will have so much fun coding a dance party with current music, coding an angry birds game, learn functions with minecraft, create a maze game and so much more.

Simply click here: https://studio.code.org/s/express-2019

Can't wait to have some master coders when we get back to school.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Literacy Week 2

Literacy week 2: SPAG challenge

All challenges can be completed in the book you were given by copying and completing the images for each daily challenge. No printing is needed.

Day 1 Challenge: MAD libs

Complete the missing word types to create a hilarious short story. 

Day 2: There/They're/Their 
Complete the correct there/they're or their. Remember 
There is used: Let's go over there.
They're is used: They're going to win.
Their is used: We are going to their house.

Day 3: Apostrophes for contractions

Day 4: Was or were

Day 5: Past tense

Maths week 2

Maths Challenges week 2: Problem solving.

Each day has a video of how to solve a similar problem and then a problem for you to have a turn at yourself. The answers will be posted on next weeks Maths blog post.

Day 1:

Now it's your turn:

Ethan and his 5 friends buy some Lego.
They each pay £3.25
But they don't have enough so Ethan pays £2.60 more.
How much have they paid altogether? 

Day 2:

Now your turn:

Day 3:

Now your turn:

Day 4:

Day 5: